Pumpkin Spice candle


Luxurious Pumpkin Spice, hand-poured coconut rapeseed wax candle.

  • 20cl candle burn time 75 hours approx – width at top of glass 7cm, the height of glass 8.3cm approx. Weight 390g.
  • 30cl candle burn time 108 hours approx – width at top of glass 7.9cm, the height of glass 9.3cm approx. Weight 545g.
  • Wax and fragrance oil are vegan-friendly.
  • Perfect gift.
  • Metal Lid.

The spooky season will surround you as notes of woody creamy musk tickle your nose. Pumpkin, orange, peach & plum will sweep you up in an autumnal daze, and leave you with a cosy feeling from hints of cinnamon, clove & jasmine.


20cl Burn Time 75 hours approx, 30cl Burn Time 108 hours approx


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