Hot Apple Pie candle


You’ll salivate at the scent of our hot apple pie candle, with strong scents of apple, lemon and whipped cream. Your imagination will run wild with images of freshly-baked pie flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg, and the whole room will fill with swirls of vanilla buttercream and crispy pie crust.

Luxurious Hot Apple Pie fragrance, hand-poured candle.

  •  Coconut and rapeseed wax blend.
  • 20cl candle, burn time 75 hours approx – width at top of glass 7cm, the height of glass 8.3cm approx—weight 390g.
  • 30cl candle, burn time 108 hours approx – width at top of glass 7.9cm, the height of glass 9.3cm approx—weight 545g.
  • Wax and fragrance oil are vegan-friendly.
  • Perfect gift.
  • Metal Lid.

20cl Burn Time 75 hours approx, 30cl Burn Time 108 hours approx


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